KFP is joining iuvo as an Originator

One of the most flexible companies for business loans in Poland KFP is joining the iuvo family as an Originator.

The company specialized in business loans with an answer within 24 hours. This competitive advantage, combined with attractive interest rates, places KFP among the most preferred financial partners in Poland.

Even though it has been on the Market for a short period of time, KFP grows rapidly and is expanding its share on the Polish Market. Over 12 000 agents are selling the business services of KFP. The average amount of a granted business loan is €15 000. Total amount of €8 million have been accumulated.

In iuvo this Originator offers investing in business loans with expected average annual return rate of 12%, and duration of loan from 3 to 24 months. Just like all the loans on the platform, investing in KFP loans will be safe, thanks to the 60-day buy-back guarantee. Another good news for the investors is that KFP will keep ownership of only 20% of the amount of every listed credit.

KFP loans are open for investments. Try them out today!

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