Ibancar is the newest originator in iuvo

Directly from sunny Spain we welcome the latest addition to our list of originators – Ibancar. Before we tell you more about them, we would like to share with you the awesome news – 10 to 12% interest rate for loans with a class A credit score and a buyback guarantee in case of default that activates after 16 days.

When you lend someone money, it is you who is worried about getting paid back. So how do you reverse the psychology and make borrower worry about repaying on time?
There is a simple solution – take as collateral something that borrower loves or needs.
Ibancar is a pioneer in non-bank consumer lending and they use the borrowers car as collateral for their loans. Since 2014, the company has successfully developed its business model and its success has come from its innovative product, efficient risk management and a good understanding of the credit market.

Ibancar takes great pride in its historical success in recovering capital, which to date is 100%! The total amount of loans granted is over €1.65 million and the company has not accumulated any credit losses on these collaterized loans since its establishment in 2014. This allows the loans to be listed in iuvo with a high level of trust and a class A credit score.

The average maturity of loans is 32 months and the average amount is € 3,300. The loan to value (“LTV”) of Ibancar loans is also very conservative, on average the loan amount is less than 50% of the market value of the collateral (the car). Investments open to investors are in EUR for loans with a duration of 24 to 36 months with an expected annual interest rate of 10% to 12%.

The excellent results of the company, both in terms of lending and collection, make investments in Ibancar safe. We make sure of that with the buyback guarantee, that activates after 16 days. For even greater safety the originator retains 30% ownership (“skin in the game”) of each loan and offers only the remaining 70% to investors.

The listing of these new class A Ibancar loans offers a great opportunity to invest wisely and to diversify loan portfolios with investments in one of the fastest growing markets in Europe – Spain. Do not forget to update your Auto Invest portfolio filters!

Be among the first to invest in Ibancar. There will be a limited supply of loans!

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