12.5% return with the new loans of Ibancar

One of the most preferred originators on iuvo – Ibancar, offers you an opportunity to increase your profit.

Invest and get 12.5% interest with the new loans of Ibancar, which will be available on our market this Friday, 17.02. Please pay attention that these loans will have a bit different payment schedule than their standard one. They will have balloon maturity, which means that you will receive only interest during the bigger part of the loan’s period, and you will receive the principal with the last 6 installments.

Ibancar will continue to list their standard loans with full amortization on our market, with which you receive principal and interest payments with every installment. The new interest of these loans is 10%.

Both options from Ibancar are with score class A, the same period, and with automobiles as collateral. As always, Ibancar loans have 16-day buyback on the principal.

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