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Monthly portfolio – March 2022

We provide information about the progress of the platform and the movements on our markets in March 2022. The data helps you make the right decisions for achieving your goals.

Part of the highlights on iuvo in the past month were the opportunities for more profit – campaigns from Easy Credit, Access Finance, and iCredit Poland for loans with 1% higher interest.

Due to the current geopolitical circumstances, another main accent in the past month were the investments in Kviku loans, as our partner operates in Russia. We inform you weekly about the development of the situation and how it affects the business of Kviku.

We also shared official statements by our holding MFG and all originators on iuvo regarding their stability in the current circumstances. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Get familiar with the statement of iuvo as well:

“At iuvo, we have proven that we can handle situations of crisis well, for which our flexibility and resilience contribute. The business indicators show stability of the company and a successful recovery after the previous crisis. In 2021, we achieved a record-breaking for us growth with 115% in increased net deposits compared to 2020 and 42% growth of the portfolio compared to the entire period 2016-2020.
We remind you that during the crisis with the beginning of the pandemic, all investors that needed their funds and requested a withdrawal for available balance, received a transfer from us in the standard time and with no limits on the maximum withdrawal amount.
We maintain stability now as well and we continue to grow. We offer new investment products and new opportunities for higher return.

Regarding our partnership with Kviku, together with them, the legal department of our holding MFG, and law firms in Russia, we are looking for a working solution for money transfers, so the payments for investments in Kviku loans can continue.”

Boyan Kazandzhiev,
Head of Operation, iuvo

The data for movements on primary and secondary market is at your disposal:

Download the file HERE.

Invest informed with iuvo.

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