Monthly portfolio

Monthly portfolio – June

Every month we analyze and gather the most important information about investments and transactions on iuvo. The monthly portfolio gives you this in the most convenient format in order to be able to compare what is happening, and to make the right decisions. Today we present you what we did the previous month, and what are the numbers behind the actions of our investors and originators.

–  We gave you the opportunity to take advantage of additional privileges by increasing your invested amount.

–  The highest return rate is still in Russian rubles by Kviku.

–  The deposited and invested funds on iuvo kept growing, and we keep focusing on the satisfaction of our investors.

Have a look at the details:

You can download the file HERE.

The analyses and the reviews are available in the “Monthly portfolio” section of our website. You have access to them at any given time in order to find out the most important events from the past months. Happy investing with iuvo!

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