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Monthly Portfolio – January

If data is the new king, then you are at the right place. At iuvo we strictly monitor data. Data helps us analyse and estimate achieved results, based on which we improve user experience at the platform.

We know that our investors appreciate the value of data. The most detailed breakdown about the current status of the platform is available in the Statistics section. The information provided in this section allows you to review the platform’s general metrics – total amount invested, total loans listed, rating class, etc. If you want to follow closely the platform’s development month by month, you need to invest your time in order to do it. This is how it used to be until today.

We are glad to let you know that from now on, in the beginning of each month we will share with you information about the platform’s performance for the last calendar month.

Apart from other data, you will be also able to see loans available and transactions made on the primary and secondary market within the last month. This is what you will be able to see in the monthly portfolio report for the primary market:

–  Percentage of loans added by various originators in the full portfolio

–  Percentage of loans by buy-back guarantee for the last month

–  Percentage of loans by class score for the last month

For the first time you will be able to see a summary review of loans on the secondary market. The monthly report will provide information about:

–  The number of transactions made within the last month and the number of unique investors for the last month. This will help you to get acquainted with market liquidity and will improve your results as an investor;

–  Proportion of transactions with premium, discount and equal cost;

–  Average discount and premium for all transactions – you will be able to see the offers made by other investors. This is an excellent benchmark for the current market situation, and also shows how profitable it is to buy or sell loans on that market. We would like to remind you that with iuvo you can sell loans with 100 mark-up.

–  Percentage of loans on secondary market by currency. This allows you to make profit from loans in currencies which are not with a fixed exchange rate for example.

–  Percentage of loans on secondary market by originator. If you like analysis, you may find this functionality really useful, as you can review who are the most preferred originators and from which country.

What is even better,  you will receive these data on a monthly basis. Monthly portfolio analyses will be available and accessible on our website where you can review and compare them by month any time you want.

Check out the monthly portfolio for January HERE.

Enjoy investing with iuvo!

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