Monthly portfolio

Monthly Portfolio – January 2022

The data we share with you each month helps you follow the progress of the platform and to make the right decisions for your investments.

The monthly portfolio is now updated with a new look. In order to make it easier to follow the dynamic of the market, we added arrows that show you whether there was an increase or a decrease in the given data in comparison with the previous month. Besides that, we share new important indicators with you:

  • Deposited funds;
  • Received bonuses;
  • Paid interest;
  • Total invested amount;
  • Sum of the listed loans on primary market;
  • Number of listed loans on primary market;
  • Number of investors on the platform.

At iuvo, we always strive to give more to our investors.

Let’s review what happened on iuvo in January:

  • The “Welcome bonus” program became indefinite. Everyone that wants to start investing with iuvo and invests over 100 EUR, will get a bonus up to 150 EUR.
  • We reported a record-breaking growth with 115% of the net deposits in 2021 in comparison with 2020.
  • We provided more opportunities for investing – iuvoUP is now in EUR.

See a summary of the transactions on primary and secondary market in the past month.


You can download the file HERE.

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