Change in the management of AS Monify

Today, 17th of September, the management of AS Monify was changed. We just received this information from the company that is an originator on our P2P platform.

The acting CEO up to this moment and founder of the company – Artur Geisari, submits the control over Monify to a new management. We are expecting their official statement right after their inauguration, which we will share with our investors. In order to be as conservative as possible, until we get into contact with the new management, the loans of the originator will not be available on secondary market.

We would like to remind you that Monify is making all of their payments on time, and they have no delay in the performance of contractual obligations to iuvo. As always, our main priority is to protect the interest of our investors. You can count on us to provide you with trustworthy up-to-date information about each and every one of our originators.

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