What does Miroslav Metodiev, Project Manager of iuvo, say about the new privilege?

Iuvo gives you the awesome opportunity to take the best out of the platform – your portfolios can invest before the ones of other investors.

Our colleague Miroslav – Project Manager at iuvo, tells you more about what this privilege can give you.

Hello, Miro. What are the main advantages of the privilege for our investors?

M: The investors on iuvo will get an even better opportunity to successfully apply their preferred strategy, which will help them achieve higher yield, and better diversification for their portfolio. The most desired loans, that match the criteria, set by them, can be part of their strategy. We analyzed the potential of such benefit in detail in order to provide the best solution.

Why is now the right moment to invest?

M: Because NOW is always the right moment to optimize the potential of your funds. To have portfolios that invest with priority is one of benefits for the members of IUVO GOLD CLUB. Those are people that have deposited over 25 000 euro in their accounts. Right now everybody can easily take advantage of this opportunity.

At the moment the return rate on the platform goes up to 19%, and at the same time we have the strictest criteria in selecting loan originators. We have promotional terms for buyback guarantee, bonuses up to 150 euro from our “Refer-a-Friend” program, and many more benefits, depending on your investing strategy.

How can our investors get this privilege?

M: They have to increase their invested amount in their account with at least 1000 euro. The period of the campaign continues until 12.07.2020, and the privilege will be activated from 14.07.2020 until 13.08.2020.

Our focus is providing you with efficient solutions, which make iuvo the best place for your funds. Start now.

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