Meet iuvo: Florin

It`s time to introduce to you Florin Gherghin – our treasured Chief Innovation Officer.
Florin is a man of the world who has lived in 5 different countries for the past 5 years. His main focus is on delivering “Customer Service Excellence” as he puts it, but he does so much more than that. He has diverse experience as a leader in the fields of customer service, crisis management, business development and of course, start-ups and innovation, which is why we always lean on him for critical advice and direction.

Here is how Florin answered the questions we threw at him:
1. How did you wind up at iuvo?
In 2017 I worked for a 3 months project with iuvo, as an external consultant. Following that I become in chronological order: a reluctant investor who was curious to test the platform, an enthusiastic investor and brand advocate, and, in this moment, an enthusiastic employee part of iuvo’s young and visionary team.

2. What do you do when you’re not working?
I like traveling a lot. I try to see a new place every few months. I’m also a movie aficionado and I like reading whenever I have time. Despite my career choice, I still prefer paper over technology when it comes to reading 🙂

3. Do you have a special talent?
I can expertly quote and recognize dialogues from virtually any Twin Peaks episode and many other bizarre movies and TV series.

4. Do you invest in anything?
Over time I invested in banking products, stocks, investment funds and, of course, P2P loans. In the recent years I focus almost exclusively on P2P and investment funds, due to the low returns offered by banks and the time-consuming nature of stock investments.

5. What should people invest in, besides money and assets?
I think the best investment you can make is in your well-being, self-development and in the community, you live in. Also, it’s important to not forget about the environment. What we leave behind is a responsibility we have for future generations.

6. What are your customers’ biggest pains?
Our customers treasure the safety of their investments and want a transparent relationship built on trust. That is why at iuvo we make the security of your investments our top priority. Our Customer Support is among the best in the business and will always help you take informed decisions. It’s no coincidence that the translation from Latin of the word “iuvo” is “help”, “delight” or “gratify”.

7. What do you do when you get mad at people?
I rarely get mad, because I believe oftentimes conflicting points of view can be positive and they’re necessary for growth. When it happens, I try to address the issue directly and search for a solution in cooperation with the people involved.

8. What is the best advice you have for newbie iuvo users?
It is always helpful in the beginning to read the FAQs, look over the statistics of the platform and check the information about loan originators. My advice is to use our Auto Invest tool to maximize your return with minimum effort. And don’t forget about iuvo’s amazing Customer Support team, who is always there for you when you need help.

9. Let’s wrap this up with an existential one. Who comes first, the chicken or the egg? Explain why.
Tracking the species evolution backwards, there must be a point in time when the first egg was laid by an ancestor of the chicken. On the other hand, it can be argued that the ancestor of the chicken was not a chicken, in which case the answer becomes: the egg came first.

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