Meet the investors Vol. 2 – Fernando Nos

In our “Meet the investors” series we present you open and honest interviews with some of iuvo’s investors. In our first interview of this series we met you with Doug Wild. Today’s spotlights go to Fernando Nos. He comes from Spain and has experience in P2P for two years now. He has learned about the investment through the forums, and decided to try adding more than EUR 21,000 invested in several platforms, including iuvo. Fernando is a P2P enthusiast, who is willing to share his personal strategy of investments with our iuvo community. Check it out bellow.

Since when have you been investing in P2P? How about iuvo? 

I have been with you for 2 years, although most of my investments are not in iuvo, I have special affection for the platform.

For many people it is not interesting to invest in iuvo, since if the loan is delayed no interest is paid, but for me it is on the contrary, I prefer the stability of the originator who does not go bankrupt or almost bankrupt as Aforti or Eurocent.

Although what worries me the most is the health of the platform and its economic results, since iuvo has been bad for two years in its economic reports and in case of economic crisis, I don’t know how the platform would respond to a large number of defaults.

Can you share with us your most favorite “hack” to earn a better return rate with iuvo?

My only trick is to invest in 7-day loans with the strongest originator that is Easy credit (5%). I just need security for my investments. If you develop another product with less interest but greater security there I will be invested. I believe that 5% is very profitable as things stand and I hope I am not mistaken with Easy credit, and by the way does Viva credit also belong to the same group of companies?

Do you diversify your portfolio by investing in other kind of investments? If “yes”, share with us.

I am on other p2p platforms: Dofinance. Viainvest, Mintos, Grupeer, iuvo, Neofinance (the insurance they have is very interesting you could do the same) and Reverse

What do you prefer – manual or autoinvest? Why?

First, I made the daily manual investment seeing the file of each person, (salary, work, etc …). Then I decided to use the autoinvest in 7-day loans with ‘A’ ratings, and currently, it works well although there are enough delays in payments.

What is your personal investing strategy and what kind of return rate you manage to earn by using it?

Getting a gross annual yield of 5% for me is a success, I would invest more with you if I am offered greater investment security, and I took back the considerable losses of the platform. I hope to continue with you for many years, provided you do not see the investment in danger.

How do you decide how much money to invest – do you dedicate a part of your monthly income for investing or do you have another strategy? 

At the moment I have no intention of investing more money in iuvo although if I see considerable improvements in the platform I would not rule it out.

What is the best advice you can give to our P2P newbie investors? 

Caution, now everything is very beautiful, the question is: in case of severe economic crisis are our investments safe?

What functionality in iuvo’s platform do you use most often?

The platform is very well developed, for me it is one of the best I’ve seen, much better than Dofinance, Grupeer, Viainvest, for example. What you should change are the remaining loan terms that create a lot of confusion among investors.

What would you improve in iuvo’s platorm? 

The explanation of the loan terms I think should be changed, in addition to translating the platform into Spanish

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