M Cash North Macedonia – new originator from MFG

We start a partnership with a new loan originator – M Cash, part of Management Financial Group (MFG), with which we give you access to a new market for investments on iuvo – North Macedonia. Another opportunity for you to diversify.

Who are M Cash?

Invest in the first online financial company on the Macedonian market, which is also the founder of the Association of Financial Companies of North Macedonia (AFD). The company is an innovator on local level and it changes the structure of the financial services market.

M Cash North Macedonia operates for 7 years on a regulated market, it has a wide branch network in the country and alternative channels for sales as well.

Our new partners realize upward trends and have positions as a leader in the field of microfinancing with products in consumer lending.

What do I get with investments in M Cash?

  • Interest rates between 4.4% and 6.6%;
  • Personal loans in EUR;
  • Score class – A, B, C, D;
  • 60-day buyback on the principal;
  • Average maturity of the loans – 5 months;
  • Installment type – 14 and 30 days;
  • Skin in the game 30%.

Part of MFG

M Cash North Macedonia is part of the family of Management Financial Group (MFG), just like iuvo is. The stability of the holding, the successful business models, which lead to its expansion in 6 countries in Europe, as well as the 17 years of experience in the field, contribute for the increased safety levels with investments in our new partners. Besides that, MFG offers group guarantee.

Starting today, you can find the loans of M Cash North Macedonia on our market. Add them to your Auto Invest by updating the needed settings.

Invest with M Cash North Macedonia and iuvo to reach your goals.

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