Low Risk Investment Strategy

Investment veterans will say that investing is not for everyone. And they will probably be right if we mean investments in stocks, gold or oil. Investing requires certain knowledge and dedication to be successful. The mechanics in P2P investing are quite simple and profitability is easily achieved. Investing in loans can be a great way to achieve passive profit, it is enough to invest your money wisely.

Investors in P2P loans most often look for a quick and maximum profit. Initially, the concept of this type of profitability has been designed to be medium-term. This means that you can earn from your money without much effort on your part. P2P investment platforms, including iuvo, offer loans with ratings ranging from ‘A’ to ‘HR’, where A represents a low risk indication, and with the increase in nomenclature to HR, the risk of investment also increases. In iuvo, the risk of full loss of an investment under normal conditions is zero. This is because all loans offered on the primary market are secured by a buyback guarantee if the loan is no longer repaid. The guarantee is normally activated within 60 days, during which period the investor receives their money back into the account and can deposit it again. In this sense, you do not lose your money, but you do not earn from it for the period.

We mentioned above about smart investments in case you want passive profitability. Investing wisely means to invest in reduced-risk products. If you wouldn’t earn a high return on ‘HR’ rated loans, but some of your loans might not be repaid, or in other words they might be in default. In such a scenario, your profitability automatically decreases due to the fact that during the period of waiting for the activation of the buyback investment guarantee you did not make profit from your investments. The risk is reduced in proportion to reducing the class of loans in which you invest. So, if you decide to invest in ‘A’ or ‘B’ rated loans, then you are more likely to bet on a safe return. How we assess credit risk we’ve told you here. If you set up the auto-invest to work for you, you can safely call P2P investments a safe passive profitability.

A Door to Better Opportunities

The standard return on low-risk investments ranges from 5 to 7%. You will agree that this is far better than interest rates on bank deposits. How about returns on investment of up to 13% at low risk? This is possible when investing in loans of our originators KFP, Ibancar and Adwisers. The loans of these partners are rated as low-risk loans and at the same time they ensure excellent returns on investment. You can earn from 8 to 13% without worrying about your money. Another advantage of the above-mentioned originators is that in the event of default, the buyback guarantee of the loan is activated more quickly and you will receive your money back to the account within 16 days!

A great advantage of low-rated loans is that you can invest without worrying about your investment. That way, you can invest in a larger portfolio and make good money. The good news is that loans of this category are always available and your investment will be constantly in circulation.

At iuvo, we constantly work to provide you the best platform experience possible. We strive to impartially evaluate any loan on the platform to meet your high expectations for us. The originators we choose to invite and upload to the platform have been verified by us. Why originators in iuvo are safe  we told you here. Many of the originators we work with and those that we are about to add to the platform prefer to offer attractive low-risk and medium-interest loans for investment behind which they stand by their name.

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