Loans in BGN and interest up to 14% from iCredit Poland

The article has been updated on 05.10.2021.


In the height of the summer iuvo continues to offer additional opportunities for investing with the attractive campaign of iCredit Poland.

The listed loans of iCredit Poland in BGN with interest between 7,5% and 14% will be another alternative to increase your profit in the period 14.07-31.10.2021. Now you have the opportunity to improve your strategy by diversifying with investing in BGN. We always strive to help you achieve optimal return, so set up your Auto Invest and check the available loans on primary market.

Specially for the investors on iuvo, these interest rates are available in EUR as well.

iCredit Poland is a loyal partner of iuvo since 2020. The company is a leader in the field of consumer lending with a specific model that includes “lending at home”. As part of Management Financial Group (MFG) – iCredit Poland has group guarantee, which is additional security for your investments.

Investments in BGN are one of the best ways to diversify on iuvo. This is way we are offering you to participate in the campaign of iCredit Poland and to plan new investments in this currency for the future.

We will keep providing you more opportunities to transform your investment strategy.


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