Kviku- a record-breaking amount of 37 million euro newly approved loans as of H1’21

You can find the most valuable information about the status of our originators at iuvo. We insist to present to you clearly and promptly the data and news we receive to help you make the right decisions for your investments. Today we share with you the results for H1 2021 of one of the leading fintech companies in Russia – Kviku.

What will you learn from this information?

– News about the financial condition of the company – net profit of 3 million euro.

– Key performance indicators – more than 60% growth in the loan portfolio for the last 6 months.

– The company’s future development plans – aspirations to turn Kviku into a leading online lending institution in Russia for 2021.

You can see the company’s reports HERE and read the statement of our Russian partners HERE.

We communicate with all our partners on a regular basis to give you the most accurate information.  If you have any questions related to iuvo and our work with the originators on the platform, you can contact us when it is convenient for you. You will find out first-hand news you are interested in, and we will be happy to assist you in creating the most effective strategy.

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