IuvoUP now in EUR! Well, yes!

In October 2021, we launched the new alternative of the classic bank deposit – iuvoUP. It is a structured investment with fixed return and period, with an option for quick liquidity.

At first, you could use it only in BGN, and now you can invest in iuvoUP in EUR as well! The big interest towards iuvoUP clearly showed us that there is a need for such service and now is the right time for it.

At iuvo, we love giving more opportunities. You want more flexibility and fixed return – you get them in EUR and BGN. Save time and generate profit from your savings with iuvoUP.

It is easy! Choose a currency and a plan, add funds and it is done. Well, yes!

IuvoUP offers plan “Start” with 3% annual return and 6 months maturity and plan “Progress” with 4% annual return and 12 months maturity. Why not both options simultaneously?

Deposit and invest with iuvoUP with no maximum amount limit.

You save time because it is not needed to create complicated strategies, getting to know a market, and constantly tracking the investment. With iuvoUp you choose a plan and just wait until its period ends to receive the entire invested amount with the generated interest at once. And then you can invest again. And again…

It is also convenient because you see what return you generate daily and the exact maturity date of the investment is clear. Add funds additionally to an investment that has started and keep the same maturity date. You have an option for an early withdrawal if you need the funds.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team via chat, email, and phone or directly contact your personal account manager.

Invest now in EUR with iuvoUP to make profit with your savings and to save time with your investment.

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