IuvoSAVE with 8% return for the 7th birthday of iuvo!

The 7th birthday of iuvo is on 22.07.2023! We would like to sincerely thank all of you who chose iuvo throughout the years and keep choosing us as the place for your savings.

How will we celebrate?

We celebrate our 7th year and look forward our 8th one with a promo for 8% return with iuvoSAVE.

You will see the product with 8% annual return and 12 months period as a fourth one in the currency you have selected.

If you are among those who took advantage of the same offer back in April on the occasion of the birthday of iuvoSAVE, now you will have the opportunity to add more funds to the investment that has already started but without changing the maturity date!

The minimum investment amount and to add more funds to the promo product is 500 EUR/BGN, and the maximum is 1 000 000 EUR/ 2 000 000 BGN.

The promo offer is valid in the period 07.07-10.08.2023. After its end, you will not be able to start a new investment with 8% return or add more funds to such that has already started.

What did we achieve for the first 7 years?

In the first 7 years, our family was joined by 40 000 investors, who cumulatively invested over €387М and achieved an average annual return of 9.2%.

We ranked among the most recognizable European P2P marketplaces for investing in loans and we continue growing.

We created iuvoSAVE – the alternative for your savings with fixed return and period, and a quick liquidity option.

Plenty of opportunities for additional profit and clubs with privileges were provided for the most active investors on our platform.

We improved the performance of our website and implemented needed functionalities for your better investor experience.

What would we like to achieve in our 8th year?

In our next year, we aim to increase the number of investors on iuvo and to keep gaining their trust. Increasing the options for diversification of originators and countries is an integral part of our plan.

We work towards the improvement of the investor experience for our present services and the way they are used, and the new services that we will introduce soon.

What did you choose for your savings? Invest with iuvo now and take advantage of the promo offer for a product of iuvoSAVE with 8% return, valid only until 10.08.2023!

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