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IuvoSAVE with 8% interest! Until 30.04.2024

By popular demand, the most popular and most successful campaign of iuvo returns!

Invest now through iuvoSAVE with 8% fixed interest and 12 months period! The promo is valid from 25.03 until 30.04.2024.

The minimum amount to invest is 500 EUR/BGN; maximum amount – 1,000,000 EUR/ 2,000,000 BGN.

You will find the promo product as a forth option in the iuvoSAVE page in the currency you have chosen.

After last-years promo campaign for a product with 8% interest, the invested funds through iuvoSAVE doubled and now take over 20% of iuvo’s portfolio.

What is iuvoSAVE?

IuvoSAVE is an alternative for your savings, which is super easy to use. All you need is just a couple of clicks, no complicated strategies and no need of previous experience.

What more does iuvoSAVE give you?

  • IuvoSAVE gives you predictability with its fixed interest and fixed period – you know the exact amount you will receive and exactly when you will receive it, and borrower behavior does not affect your end results.
  • It gives you flexibility – you can add more money to an already activated product but without changing the maturity date. You also have a quick liquidity option, which allows you to make an early withdrawal up to 10,000 EUR/BGN from each activated product separately per month without automatically losing the entire generated interest for a small fee of 1% of the early withdrawn amount, and keeping the same maturity date.

Is it safe with iuvoSAVE?

The money invested with iuvoSAVE is used by Management Financial Group (MFG).
MFG is a constantly evolving fintech ecosystem, which operates on 7 markets in Europe, and soon in India, Mexico, and the USA. Part of MFG’s structure are over 20 companies in the non-bank financial field, among which are iuvo and the originators Easy Credit, Viva Credit, iCredit, Access Finance and AXI Card. Some of MFG’s companies have been leaders on their respective markets for almost two decades!
Over 8300 employees work towards the yearly multi-million net profit of MFG.
The stability of MFG is an indicator for the stability of your invested money with iuvoSAVE.

Invest now through iuvoSAVE with 8% interest. Let your savings grow with iuvo.

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