Download the iuvoSAVE app now and start earning from your savings!

It is time for your easy and efficient money management! With the new iuvoSAVE mobile app, you can now manage your money conveniently from your phone and generate passive income with just a couple of clicks.

With the upcoming 8th birthday of iuvo, we successfully brought to life a dream project of ours, and we are extremely happy to share the news and announce it officially!

The iuvoSAVE mobile app is now available on Google Play and App Store.

Download the iuvoSAVE app for free here:

What is iuvoSAVE?

IuvoSAVE is an easy-to-use alternative, which helps you generate passive income from your savings. Just a couple of clicks and your money works for you. It is the right choice for everyone who wants to save time and earn from their money.

Fixed interest and period with iuvoSAVE app

With iuvoSAVE, you get fixed annual interest, fixed period, and clear terms. The iuvoSAVE products to earn from your money with, available in EUR and BGN, are:

  • 5% annual interest and 3 months period;
  • 6% annual interest and 6 months period;
  • 7% annual interest and 12 months period.

Add money and withdraw anytime you want with iuvoSAVE app

You choose your preferred iuvoSAVE product according to your needs. You can have more than one iuvoSAVE product activated simultaneously and in more than one currency. You have the option to add more money to an already activated product by keeping the same maturity date.
The minimum amount to add is 100 EUR/BGN, and the maximum is 50,000 EUR/100,000 BGN for the three-month product and 1,000,000 EUR/2,000,000 BGN for the six-month and twelve-month product.

With the quick liquidity option, you can make an early withdrawal up to 10 000 EUR/BGN per product per month for a fee of 1% of the early withdrawn amount.

The Product renewal option helps you make sure that you will get the maximum from your money. Up to 1 day before maturity, you can change its settings, whether for the amount to become available after maturity or for a new period to start automatically. By default, the selected option is the automatic renewal.

What happens with the money in iuvoSAVE?

The money added to iuvoSAVE is used by non-bank lending companies, part of Management Financial Group (MFG).
MFG is a constantly evolving fintech ecosystem, which incorporates in its structure over 25 leading non-bank financial institutions from 7 countries in Europe, and it also works hard on its expansion in USA, Mexico, and India. Big part of the companies in the Group have been on the market for over a decade, and others – nearly two decades!
MFG is the owner of iuvo, Easy Credit, Viva Credit, Access Finance, AXI Card, iCredit, Mi Prestamo, M Cash, Kredis and others.
The stability of MFG is an indication for the stability of the money in iuvoSAVE.

What more to expect from the iuvoSAVE app?

For free, you can download the first version of the iuvoSAVE app now. With time, we will keep improving the mobile app and we will add more functionalities, which will make your user experience even more convenient, more pleasant and more fun.

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