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Save smart with iuvoSAVE

The ability to change is key to success. We improvе our services and expand our portfolio to achieve our goal – your satisfaction.

In October, we embarked on a new endeavor by launching iuvoUP to meet your needs as an investor. At iuvo, we always strive to provide better investment opportunities. We achieve that exactly with our ability to change and transform – iuvoUP becomes iuvoSAVE.

Why do I choose iuvoSAVE?

Make the first step to your better financial future – save money.
IuvoSAVE is an alternative to the bank deposit, which allows you to save and make profit with fixed interest and maturity by having quick liquidity of your funds.
It does not require previous investment experience, but your decision only. With just a few clicks, your money works for you.

What do I get with iuvoSAVE?

The idea of iuvoSAVE is to give you an attractive return for a short period of time. You have access to your money and have full control.

Invest for 3 months with 5% annual return and/or for 6 months with 6% annual return in EUR and BGN.

You can invest an additional amount to an investment that has already started and keep its maturity. After the end of the selected investment, invest again for more profit. The minimum amount for investing is 100 EUR/BGN. Invest as much as you want with no limits on the maximum amount!

IuvoSAVE even gives you the opportunity for early withdrawal. In order to always have access to your money, you can withdraw up to 10 000 units from the relevant currency per month before the end of your investment with a fee of 1% of the withdrawn amount.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat, email or phone to answer all of them.

We continue to grow and provide you with new investment opportunities even after nearly 6 years on the market. With your support and the support of the holding we are part of – Management Financial Group (MFG), we conquer new highs.

Save smart and make profit. Your way is iuvoSAVE.



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