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IuvoSAVE 1st Birthday with promo campaign for 8% return and new benefits!

IuvoSAVE turns 1

Today is the 1st birthday of iuvoSAVE! On this occasion, we are happy to announce a promo campaign and new additional benefits with the product.

Invest with the promo product of iuvoSAVE with 8% return и 12 months period! The offer is valid only from 07.04 to 30.04.2023, and after that it will not be available.

The other good news is that the invested with iuvoSAVE funds will now be taken into account for participating in bonus campaigns, and for the Silver and Gold Clubs of iuvo.
This will also affect the investors that already had the needed amount but were not part of the given club due to investments with iuvoSAVE. The change of their profile status will happen by the end of April.

Why did we create iuvoSAVE?

In 2021, we had an idea. We wanted to offer a structured product that will be really easy to use by investors, including those without any previous experience. A product that will help you save and earn.

It had to offer fixed annual return and fixed period, so you can know exactly when and exactly what amount you will receive. The quick liquidity and the flexibility were also a factor. Our idea materialized in iuvoUP, which was also the reason for the first TV commercial of iuvo.

With time, the increasing inflation, and the feedback from investors, we rebranded iuvoUP and made its message clearer and the terms more attractive in order to satisfy the market’s demand. And then, on 07.04.2022, iuvoSAVE was born. For just 1 year, iuvoSAVE now takes a significant part of iuvo’s portfolio!

What does iuvoSAVE give you?

IuvoSAVE gives you the following options in EUR and BGN:

  • 5% annual return and 3 months period;
    (minimum amount 100 EUR/BGN; maximum amount 50 000 EUR/100 000 BGN)
  • 6% annual return and 6 months period;
    (minimum amount 100 EUR/BGN; maximum amount 1 000 000 EUR/2 000 000 BGN)
  • 7% annual return and 12 months period;
    (minimum amount 100 EUR/BGN; maximum amount 1 000 000 EUR/2 000 000 BGN)
  • 8% annual return and 12 period (promo during 07.04-30.04.2023).
    (minimum amount 500 EUR/BGN; maximum amount 1 000 000 EUR/2 000 000 BGN)

And more:

  • easy to use – invest with just a couple of clicks;
  • no need of previous experience or to create complicated strategies;
  • you can have more than one active investments with iuvoSAVE simultaneously;
  • add more funds to an investment that has already started but without changing the end date;
  • quick liquidity – if needed, you can withdraw early up to 10 000 units per month from each product separately for a small fee of 1% of the withdrawn amount, and you will have access to your money within 2 business days;
  • predictability – you know exactly when and exactly what amount you will receive, which will help your better financial planning;
  • reinvest automatically by setting up “Product renewal”.

Invest now and increase your savings with iuvoSAVE!

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