Iuvo’s results as of H1 2022 and prognosis for growth

After the outstandingly successful 2021, iuvo continues with the upward trend. Despite the complicated geopolitical circumstances in the world, we continue to have constant growth even in the first half of 2022 in achieved results and market expansion. This is proof for the trust investors have in our platform, which we highly value. We continue to provide plenty of opportunities for additional profit and privileges to the investors.

New partnerships

Expanding our network of originators is an integral part of the mission and vision of iuvo, along with providing more options for diversification of the investments. In H1 of 2022, we started new partnerships with three credit companies – AXI Card Romania, Ocean Credit and SN Finance.

AXI Card Romania and iuvo are part of Management Financial Group (MFG), which means that besides buyback on principal and interest from AXI Card, you also get a group guarantee from MFG.
We are proud that Ocean Credit and SN Finance also chose to become part of our platform. For the first time ever on iuvo, a loan originator offers an additional guarantee in the form of co-debt by the UBO, which you get with investing in loans of these two companies. The loans of SN Finance also provide a new opportunity for geographical diversification because it is the first originator on iuvo that operates in North Macedonia.

All three new partners – AXI Card Romania, Ocean Credit and SN Finance, are leaders by size and by innovative products on the respective regulated markets where they operate.

In the beginning of H2 2022, AXI Card Spain joined the family of originators on iuvo. Very soon, another new originator from MFG will be added, which also operates on a different market than those of the current originators from the Group.

Additional opportunities

A trade mark of iuvo is providing opportunities for realizing additional profit and getting better terms for investing. In H1 of 2022, we continued to be active in this direction with promo terms of the bonus programs “Loyal Investor” and “Refer a Friend”, which also got new constant terms.
The paid amount in the form of bonuses to the investors in this period is over 72 000 EUR.

The bonus programs “Loyal Investor”, “Refer a Friend” and “Welcome bonus” are constantly active and you can take advantage of them at any given moment.

The originators also provided additional opportunities for more profit with bonuses for investments in their loans or higher interest.

Better terms with iuvoSAVE

With the purpose to achieve higher investor satisfaction, we improved the terms of our alternative to the bank deposit, with fixed interest and period, which offers quick liquidity and it is easy to use. You save money and make profit with iuvoSAVE. You have three options:
5% annual interest and a 3-month investment;
6% annual interest and a 6-month investment;
7% annual interest and a 12-month investment.

Prognosis for the P2P sector

Despite the current geopolitical situation, which we reacted in a timely manner to and took the necessary actions to protect the interests of the investors, and the consequences from it, in the first half of 2022, iuvo continues to have excellent results. We have a 31% growth in invested amount and 18% growth in newly added funds to the platform compared to 2021. Until now, the investors received over 500 000 EUR in interest and over 72 000 EUR additional profit in the form of bonuses.
Based on the achieved results and our experience, the prognosis of iuvo for the development of the P2P sector is positive. More growth is expected in new investors and newly added funds. More and more people look for an alternative to the bank deposit and the traditional investment methods, whose motives are additionally amplified by the current situations.

New beginning for iuvo

We celebrate our 6th birthday in July 2022. As a company with established market positions and ambitions for even higher ones, transformation, with the purpose of improvement, is an integral part of the process. Significant events for us in H1 2022 are the taking office of Blagovest Karadzhov as a CEO of iuvo and starting a process for moving the registration of the company. One of our main priorities is also the technical update of the platform, which is already in action and it will happen step by step.
Our hard work does not go unnoticed and we are proud that we were awarded by b2b Media in the categories “FinTech company” and “Innovative product” for iuvoSAVE, as the competitors here were from all sectors, not just the financial one. This motivates us to continue with our hard work and efforts, to grow and achieve even higher results. For us, these awards are an indicator for the bright future of the P2P sector.

Choose your way, invest with iuvo and achieve your goals.

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