IuvoUP – a new beginning

IuvoUP – a new beginning

As we strive to develop and offer new opportunities to our investors, we have created a new and unique product like no other on the market, named iuvoUP. It will offer quick liquidity and a fixed return rate to investors with clear and transparent terms – with no hidden fees or tricks. This innovative product has been developed to meet the need for a non-bank alternative for your savings. IuvoUP does not require prior investment experience but at the same time it gives you an opportunity to make a quick investment and your money is always at your disposal – you can add new funds and withdraw whenever you want. Could there be anything better than that?

Well, yes, investments in iuvoUP are short-term – for 6 or 12 months, and since day one, you know the exact profit amount you are going to get. You only need to choose your product – Start or Progress.

Why choose the ‘Start’ product? If you have no experience with fintech tools or if you want to diversify your portfolio with something new, ‘Start’ is just what you need. The terms are clear and the return is fixed.

– you get 3% annual interest rate and the period is only 6 months – everything is completely transparent and you can immediately see the exact profit amount you are going to get at the end of the period;

– you can monitor how your money grows in real-time;

Why choose the ‘Progress’ product? If traditional methods do not work for you, then your solution is ‘Progress’. This product offers a great opportunity to increase your passive income at a fixed interest rate.

-you get a fixed return rate with 4% annual interest for 12 months with no need to monitor your portfolio;

-you can invest your funds with just a few clicks and no need for prior experience;

-you can clearly see in real-time the exact profit amount you are going to get at the end of the period;

-a good opportunity to diversify your portfolio, even if you have no experience in investments;

The minimum investment amount you can start with for both products is BGN 100, with no maximum. You can also add funds and withdraw whenever you want – you can withdraw your money within 2 days and keep the interest rate accrued so far.*

*Starting from today, investments in the platform will be divided into two segments – iuvoP2P (the current investments on the platform) and iuvoUP (the new alternative for your investments).

Why should you join iuvoUP today?  IuvoUP aims to entirely change the financial system. We have known, worked, and developed the fintech market for 5 years now. We introduce to you an easily accessible way to increase your free capital under clear terms. We give you the opportunity to get a fixed return rate with no need to monitor the market, and quick liquidity without having to wait for the full repayment of the loans. And it’s as easy as a child’s play to add funds to iuvoUP – choose the amount and period, and it’s done. Well, yes, it is easy with iuvoUP.

At iuvo, we always strive to give more to our investors. Now, we offer you an opportunity to have a richer portfolio to meet your goals and another opportunity to diversify your available funds. Help us build the best view for you and choose your product. This way your money will be where you want it to be. Well, yes, with iuvoUP you are closer to your goals.

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