Iuvo is regulated credit intermediary in Estonia

We are proud to announce that iuvo has been granted a credit intermediary license by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA). The license will allow us to make the next steps in our development — not only to give investors the opportunity to invest but to allow borrowers to get loans directly from the p2p lending platform.

The FSA is regulating the financial sector in Estonia — banks, insurance companies, investment and credit intermediaries, pension funds, etc. The decision to grant a credit license to the company was based on our great due diligence with legal requirements in Estonia.

“We are delighted and proud with the given trust from the Estonian regulator. It validates our business model once more and allows us to continue our development in new directions. The license will give us the opportunity to add more services in our portfolio. The next step is to be able to issue loans directly to borrowers or in partnership with our originators. Now, the options for iuvo are limitless.”, said Ivaylo Ivanov CEO of iuvo.

Since August 2016, more than 2000 investors from 57 countries gave their trust to the platform and invested more than 4M EUR with an annual return up to 15%.

It is not without a reason why we decided to register iuvo in Estonia — a country with one of the most advanced and developed p2p lending markets. In the past years, Estonia is recognized as one of the countries with high penetration of internet technologies. All the above makes Estonia a state with one of the best regulatory practices in the p2p lending market. All companies comply with the best practices in the industry and the rules that guarantee the clients accurate information when investing.

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