Iuvo in 2021: 115% growth!

The world said goodbye to 2021, and iuvo had its most successful year so far! Thanks to the investors that chose us, the hard work of our team and the loan originators, we had a record-breaking growth for us with 115% of the net* deposits in comparison with 2020 and 42% of our wallet in comparison with the entire period 2016-2020.

The platform successfully recovered after 2020, which was marked with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now with new strength we are moving forward to reaching new highs.

New beginning with iuvoUP!

The biggest event on iuvo in 2021 undoubtedly was the launch of iuvoUP! It is a structured service with fixed return and maturity, and quick liquidity. It is an alternative for your funds on a bank deposit because you want more flexibility and more profit. You can invest without a limit on the maximum amount. It is incredibly suited for those who do not have previous investment experience and/or do not have the needed time to get familiar with credit companies and markets, to create strategies and track their investments. All you need to do is to choose a plan, an amount, and it is done. Well, yes! It is easy with iuvoUP.

IUVO Clubs

On the occasion of the 5th birthday of iuvo, we launched a new club for the active investors on the platform – IUVO SILVER CLUB. It gives you 6 privileges, including higher bonuses.

IUVO GOLD CLUB was also very popular in 2021 and welcomed a high number of new members. We created a new section in our blog where the Gold investors can find out why and how the privileges they get make them more successful on iuvo.

Which club you are part of, find out from the badge in your profile.

More bonuses

We strived to fulfill your feedback, which was – more bonuses! Besides the classic bonus program on iuvo – “Refer a Friend”, the investors had plenty of opportunities to get additional profit from the platform. We started 2021 with a New Year’s bonus campaign and continued with everyone’s favorite “Loyal Investor”, which now has promotional terms, as well as the “Welcome bonus” program for all new members of the family of iuvo. The loan originators iCredit Poland and Easy Credit also had their own bonus campaigns to give more profit to those that invest actively. We are glad to inform you that the investors on iuvo received 132 360 additional profit in the form of bonuses.

Loan originators

The challenges of 2020 made us stronger. The lessons that we have learned help us grow and in 2021 our family of loan originators expanded with the addition of Access Finance. The company that offers the product “Biala Karta” (White Card) quickly became one of the most preferred originators on the platform because of attractive return rates, borrowers from score class A only, a shorter period for buyback activation that is not only on the principal but on the remaining interest according to the payment schedule as well. It is part of our holding MFG, which means that it has group guarantee.

Super Easy is the new offer by Easy Credit for business loans. It stands out with shorter period for buyback activation, which is on the principal and interest, and a quick liquidity option as well.

The loan originators offered better terms for the active investors throughout the entire year. Besides bonus campaigns, which we already mentioned, there often were promotional periods where you could take advantage of shorter time for buyback activation, shorter maturity, and listed loans in a currency that the given credit company does not usually list loans in. We continued the tradition to regularly inform you about the growth of each company we are in partnership with.

2021 in numbers

All of this led to results and in 2021, iuvo achieved 115% growth – our highest so far! Let the numbers speak for themselves:

115% growth of the net* deposits in comparison with 2020
42% growth of our wallet in 2021 in comparison with 2016-2020
110% growth of our wallet in comparison with 2020

Total number of investors – 29 000
Received interest in 2021 – € 1 994 766
Received bonuses in 2021 – € 132 360
Total invested amount 2016-2021 – € 238 598 471
Total volume of listed loans on primary market in 2021 – € 103 172 618
Total number of listed loans on primary market in 2021 – 385 036

Welcome, 2022!

The achieved results make us even more motivated to continue winning over your trust. After the assessment of what we have achieved in the past year, it is time for new goals.
In 2022, new originators will join iuvo in order to expand our market and to respond to the growing interest in the platform.
We will continue with the attractive bonus campaigns that have no analogue on the p2p market in Europe. The loan originators will continue with the campaigns for better terms.
We intend to present a new interface to you, so your investor experience can be even more fulfilling.
And more to come…

Thank you for your trust! In 2022, make your funds work for you again with iuvo.

*Net deposits = new fundswithdrawn funds.

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