Iuvo with 85% growth in investments – remarkable results and fast recovery from the crisis

85% growth in investments on iuvo in May in comparison with April. We achieve one of the best results on the market, and we significantly surpass the other P2P platforms in the process of recovering from the crisis, according to the review of the famous blog The growth of 59% in the number of investors in the past month proves to us that we work hard in the right direction.

The strict criteria that we apply when selecting new originators give us peace that we can go through any challenge. Having neat relations with our partners is very important to us and we share the most important information about our processes with you.

In the beginning of the state of emergency, we were having conversations with our originators every day, and we keep being in constant contact with them. We provided the technical possibility to extend loans due to moratoriums in different countries. We worked with no delays in processing withdrawal requests, and we never stopped keeping you updated. At the moment our investors are actively returning their funds back to the platform and our team has completely restored its normal work rhythm.

In order to invest smart, it is important who you give your trust to. Choose the safe and profitable investments with iuvo.

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