Iuvo GOLD Club

We are happy to announce that iuvo is launching a GOLD Club, which will provide a collection of privileges to some of our most loyal investors. If your investment on the platform is at least 25,000 €, you will be glad to know that you are already a part of this exclusive club.

Participation in the club gives you benefits such as reflection of each deposited amount on your investor account within 30 minutes of your deposit between 9am and 6pm Eastern Europeаn Time on working days and approval of withdrawal requests within 1 hour on working days, which does not include the time required for the interbank transfer.

Other benefits on business days include information about the upload of new loans on the platform, onboarding of new originators, as well as launches of new promotions and website updates, all 24 hours in advance. You also have the opportunity to request an automated investment portfolio for your account. Of course, you can also rely on online help with managing and optimizing the mentioned portfolio. Added to that, we give you the exclusive right to participate in public events involving iuvo and public platform presentations, through specially-provided tickets and invitations for you and other program members.

In addition to the benefits listed above, club members receive their own Refer-a-Friend program. As a rule, to join, you must be recommended by a member of the club. The recommended friend has to invest an amount of 10,000 € or the equivalent in another currency. Both friends then receive bonuses of 180 € in their iuvo accounts within three business days. Full Terms and Conditions of the Program can be found here!

If you would like to join the GOLD Club, the iuvo team is available to answer any questions and assist you through the process.

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