Interview with originator – Viva Credit

We continue with the presentation of the iuvo originators – the people and the businesses behind them that make our service possible. Up next is Viva Credit, Bulgaria. More about the business model of the company and the decision to join iuvo as an originator, we learn from the General Manager Desislava Dimitrova.

Desislava Dimitrova started her career in Viva Credit in 2012 as a commercial director. In 2014 she took over the management of FinTrade, part of the MFG, as a managing director. She joined Viva Credit again in December 2016, as a General Manager of the company, where she still is today. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics from the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Tell us about the business model of Viva Credit?
Viva Credit uses a four-array business model for non-bank lending to individuals. We have 52 offices all over the country, a fully automated online application process, an application option by telephone and a partner network. All four channels have the same weight and priority for the company.

How and why did you decide to join iuvo as an originator?
Viva Credit has always supported technology in all its forms. We believe that customers need innovative financial solutions and opportunities. We are constantly evolving and working in this direction. That’s exactly why we decided to join the iuvo high-tech platform as originators.

What do you think distinguishes iuvo from other players on the market? What are the main advantages of iuvo?
Basically the perfect combination of high yield and safety. High return on investment and a 100% buy-back guarantee are among the main advantages of the platform.

How would you compare your participation in iuvo with your experience with traditional investment tools?
The features of the iuvo P2P platform are in no way comparable with traditional investment tools. I would define the process as an alternative to traditional investment instruments. The process takes place entirely online and the investors can choose which borrowers to invest in. This gives them freedom of choice.

How would you describe the experience you’ve had with the platform in 3 words?
Ease, safety and innovativeness.

What would you advise beginners who are currently considering investing in P2P loans?
To invest boldly, to believe in the company and in the technological future of the platform, which is yet to grow and expand with new functionalities for the benefit of its customers.

What do you think we need to improve in our work?
At the moment we are working together extremely quickly, structured and with ease. I hope we will continue the same way. If there is anything that can be improved, it is the further strengthening of that connection.

How do you picture a typical iuvo investor?
Real people with real needs, who realize that the future lies in high-tech platforms of this kind. The investors in the platform and our company’s customers are like-minded people.

Can you forecast the future of P2P and the FinTech industry?
I sincerely believe that the future lies in the FinTech industry and Viva Credit as a company follows this trend. My prognosis is that the entire financial market will continue to expand in this direction.

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