Interview with originator – KFP

We continue introducing to you our originator partners. Today we are going to present you an interview with Janusz Bieniek, General Director and Member of the Board of the Poland loan company KFP. He tells us about drivers to join with KFP as one of the originators in iuvo. Read more about loan’s company business model, what according to Mr. Bieniek differentiates iuvo among P2P platforms and what advices about successful investing he has to share with you.

Tell us about the business model of your company?

KFP is a lending company offering loans for one of the fastest growing segments of clients in Poland: micro and small companies. In our business we use to use the latest available tools to optimize costs and improve our process. Our model is a combination of online service and a traditional process that can be found in the banking sector. This allowed us to develop a quick and easy process for borrowers while maintaining a good portfolio statistics comparable to banking sector. Our sales network base on external sales network that generates about 90% of sales. We currently cooperate with over 15,000 brokers across Poland including over 5,000 active brokers.

How and why did you decide to join iuvo as an originator?

We are a company that closely observe changes on the market. Especially interesting for us is impact of new technology on banking and non-banking sector. New technologies are an opportunity to get advantage on market and develop products and services for Clients.

Last year, we decided to start cooperation with iuvo, which in our opinion offers very innovative solutions for us but also for investors that wanted to diversify own investments.

What do you think distinguishes iuvo from other players on the market? What are the main advantages of iuvo?

Iuvo is an innovative tool for investors that offers alternative to capital market. Iuvo platform is easy to use and open for all investors – small and big. For us as an originator the most important is high level of professionalism in cooperation.

How would you compare your participation in iuvo with your experience with traditional investment tools?

Iuvo platform is a very interesting alternative to traditional ways of investing.

In our opinion potential level of rate of return combined with a possibility of investment diversification and “buy back” option are features that is advantage of iuvo offer.

How would you describe the experience you’ve had with the platform in 3 words?

Innovative, profitable, safe

What would you advise beginners who are currently considering investing in P2P loans?

For beginners first step should be get knowledge about p2p platforms and possibility that this platform offers. In any question always users can ask iuvo – they are helpful. If someone want to do invest by own self, the most important rule is to diversify own portfolio.

What do you think we need to improve in our work?

Lack of possibility to exchange currencies via platform can be a inconvenience for investors for example outside the Eurozone or Bulgaria. Possibility to exchange currency in one place will make investing on iuvo platform easier.

How do you picture a typical iuvo investor?

A person who use to use new technologies, looking for safe and alternative ways of investing.

Can you forecast the future of P2P and the FinTech industry?

The New Technology and P2P services is the fastest growing areas in business from many years. Kind of confirmation of this words is high valuation of FinTech companies. In our opinion growth of FinTech and P2P won’t slow because it’s a future of services and gives many advantages for companies also making services more user-friendly. Also changes in law like European directive called “PSD2” will aid development in P2P platforms integration with banking sector. It’s opportunity to do some new solutions for customers in the near future.

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