Interview with originator – Easy Credit

We begin the introduction of the iuvo originators – the people and the businesses behind them that make our service possible. It is only appropriate to start this section with the first originator – Easy Asset Management AD, who have trusted us since the very beginning and together we have been offering fast, safe and profitable services to our investors for over two years. We asked Executive Director Stefan Kolev about the reasons behind the company’s decision to support us, and he did not hesitate to tell us more about the advantages of working with iuvo, the improvements we could make on the platform as well as the future of P2P and the FinTech industry.

Since the beginning of October 2017, Mr Stefan Kolev is the Executive Director of “Easy Asset Management” AD, a small consumer credit company, known by its trade name ” Easy Credit”. He joined the company 9 years ago as a regional manager and subsequently as head of the training and development department “Easy Academy”. He majored in Accounting and Control at the Economic Academy in Svishtov.

Tell us about the business model of Easy Credit?

At the heart of our business model is the philosophy of access to financial services for people deprived of such or, more precisely speaking, we provide the opportunity of financial involvement to everyone who needs it. We do it in our offices throughout Bulgaria, as well as through home consultations with the help of over 3.500 credit consultants in the country. For the 13 years, we have been on the market, we have reached hundreds of thousands of people and have granted nearly 1.000.000 credits. Оur companies with an identical business model in Romania, Poland and Ukraine, part of the MFG Holding, profit from our market experience.

How and why did you decide to join as the first iuvo originator?

The biggest incentive for us was to support a young project. As one of the oldest companies in the holding – for us, this is much more than just business. It is a moral obligation that is related to the opportunity to expand our operations into a more technological field, as we are a company that looks into the future. From the beginning, we knew who the people behind the project were and we trusted them completely.

What do you think distinguishes iuvo from other players on the market? What are the main advantages of working with iuvo?

It is a company with strong know-how in the P2P investment business and is also a constantly improving platform that offers, above all, fast communication. Among its biggest advantages is that it provides complete freedom to the customer. And let’s not fail to mention the safety, especially compared to other participants in the non-banking financial services market. The risk is balanced and the investment platform is safe.

How would you compare your participation in iuvo with your experience with traditional investment tools?

Traditional instruments – such as deposits or stock trading – are an old-fashioned way to invest your capital. Nowadays, the bank deposit is meaningless due to the low interest rates compared to the rapid inflation rate. P2P platforms offer a different, more intuitive technological experience, which is primarily related to speed and high yield. And naturally to safety.

How would you describe in 3 words your experience with the platform?

Intuitive, profitable and safe.

What would be your advice for beginners who are currently considering investing in P2P loans?

Investing is not an easy task and it is always good to seek advice and consultation from the industry experts before you take the necessary steps. I’m sure that the iuvo experts are always available to provide such advice, so do not hesitate to seek help from them.

What do you think we need to improve in our work?

I would recommend creating an automatic portfolio for the secondary market. I also miss an estimated yield calculator, as well as an option to simultaneously invest large sums of money in many filtered credits by only “pressing a button”.

How do you picture a typical iuvo investor?

An educated person aged between 20 and 50 with interest in technology and finance, who likes the risk and looks for stable and long-term returns.

Can you forecast the future of P2P and the FinTech industry?

The tendency for the client to have a sense of control over their money as well as to improve the management of their finances through technology will become more and more pronounced in the future. Personalized, innovative and intelligent financial management will become more widely available over the next 10 years.

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