Interview with an originator – iCredit Romania

One of the longest-standing and successful partners of iuvo is iCredit Romania. Since 2017, together we offer great opportunities for investing in high interest loans to everybody on the platform. The company is part of the family of MFG (Management Financial Group) – the holding that iuvo is also part of. Today we introduce you Alben Mitarev – CEO of iCredit Romania.

1. Tell us more about the business model of iCredit Romania

Hello! Before I start, I would like to say that this year the company celebrates its 10th birthday on the Romanian market.

Within these 10 years, iCredit ranks in the TOP 3 companies in the sector of fast lending, providing access to financial services to people that need financial help. The company has around 28% share of the “home lending” market, with over 1600 employees in over 100 offices. The business model is unique and it provides our current and future clients with individual approach, care, and flexibility with the payment schedule. All of this is possible because our clients have their personal credit consultant. Our portfolio has a rich variety of products that are adapted to the needs and possibilities of the client. The loans that we grant are small and are used to cover basic needs like: utility bills, home improvements and furnishing, household needs, payday loans, etc. Unlike the bank sector, our clients participate in the real economy. Our biggest stimulus is to keep expanding our business and to have satisfied clients.

2. How and why did you decide to become an originator on iuvo?

We see the huge potential of this business model and this is one of the reasons to become partners with iuvo. When investing on the platform, you can get a significantly higher profit in comparison with other investing methods and at the same time you have access to a detailed information about the companies iuvo works with. iCredit Team and I are confident in the growth and successful future of iuvo.

3. What do you think makes iuvo different from the other companies on the market? What are our main advantages?

What makes iuvo different is the personal approach to every investor. We observe a very high level of service not only to the clients, but to us as partners as well. The prompt reaction by the team is very important when it comes to investments. The processes go smoothly, with no delays or difficulties, and with clear communication.

4. How would you compare your time on iuvo with the traditional investing instruments?

Iuvo gives freedom to the investor. Flexibility is an advantage of P2P. Combined with the personal approach by the team of iuvo, it is not something that you see often.

5. How would you describe your entire experience with the platform in 3 words?

Professionalism, value, sustainability.

6. What would you advise people that are thinking of investing in P2P loans?

The iuvo investors can be sure that a team of specialists is ready to assist them any time. I recommend to all beginners to get familiar with the originators on the platform first. Iuvo often shares information about the performance and the development of their business. I encourage them to diversify and to experiment with different strategies in order to find the right one for them.

7. What do you think we need to improve in our work?

Big part of the investors in this sector want to see information about the performance of the platform and the business of the originators. Iuvo has significantly improved in this direction, however, all additional information would be useful.

8. What do you think an investor on iuvo is like?

Goal-oriented, ambitious, with a flair for innovations.

9. Can you make a prognosis for the future of P2P and the fintech industry?

The P2P market is one of the places where we can see the integration of the new technological possibilities. The businesses can choose new and interesting solutions, which will provide more opportunities for the investors to take advantage of.

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