Get to know iuvo: Blagovest Karadzhov, CEO

We already informed you that Blagovest Karadzhov is the new CEO of iuvo. We told you about his previous experience, which we believe will contribute to the growth of the platform and the higher satisfaction of your needs as an investor.

Get more familiar with Blagovest and his plans for iuvo by reading the interview with him. You will find out his first actions as a CEO, his strategy for the growth of iuvo, what qualities he believes the good leader possess, and more.

  • What challenge do you look for in your work for the growth of iuvo?

Iuvo has an incredible potential, which we are about to realize. Just a few years were enough for us to witness plenty of innovations in the development of the fintech platforms and the launch of new fintech companies. Sometimes we do not realize how big the changes are regarding not only our habits and the way we “make” money, but our attitude towards it as well. Iuvo has a special place and significance in this changing world in which people need to get value for their funds, to invest easy and convenient, and to achieve their financial goals. I see the opportunities for the growth of iuvo, and I know that we will successfully fulfill this mission.

  • What is the strategy for growth you won over the trust of iuvo’s shareholders with?

I am sure that the growth of iuvo is connected with constant innovations. This is valid about the platforms for investments in P2P loans and for all digital platforms connected with our finances in some way. I am also sure that every long-term strategy needs to be under constant review and to be questioned, so we can be sure that the targeted goals meet the needs and expectations of our investors. I am happy that I will contribute to the growth of iuvo and its transformation to a leading digital investment platform in Europe.

  • What convinced you to take over the management of iuvo?

I have extensive experience in large companies with significant projects and resources, which is incredibly useful. But what motivates me is the atmosphere of creating something new and successful. In such environment, when the team works cohesively and the goals are clearly defined, fast and visible results can be achieved.

I see how many opportunities there are for growth of the offered services, the originators on the platform, the UI and I think that there are going to be many occasions of pleasant surprises for the current client base of the platform, and we will also have plenty of new and loyal investors.

  • How do you see the timeline of iuvo? What will you add on?

Iuvo is an established platform with excellent management and a team of professionals, well-developed throughout the years and has won over the trust of its investors. I am thankful to Ivaylo, without whom this would not have been possible.

We will further develop the currently offered investment opportunities, so they can become more convenient to use. When investors give us their trust, they undoubtedly expect stability, honesty, and transparency from us, and these are values we will continue to follow.

Immediate task in the coming months will be the technological update of the platform. This will place iuvo on a leading position in terms of improvement in the offered services, convenience, and reaching new markets. As I said, a lot of pleasant surprises are coming, but let’s not share everything just yet.

  • What will you do in your first 30 days as a CEO of our company?

My first task is to closely get familiar with our investors’ feedback and their expectations for improvements on the platform, which they have shared with us. With the team, we will plan how to satisfy it as much as possible.

We have excellent offers in our bonus programs for loyalty and “Refer a Friend”. I would like to make sure that our investors are familiar with them, so they can take advantage and get the maximum out of their funds.

We will also improve the communication with the investors regarding our partnerships with the credit companies, so it can be even more useful, timely, and transparent.

And also, something we already did – improving the offers of iuvoSAVE in regards of return rate and maturity.

  • According to you, what qualities does the good leader possess?

Every leader is dependent on their team and the achieved common goals are the best indicator for the qualities of a leader. The good leader has the ability to motivate and inspire their team to achieve results, which even the team itself has not thought are possible. Without losing sight of the long-term vision, they are able to listen to the good ideas of their team and to effectively realize them. Honest and fair attitude, and understanding the specific needs of each team member are of key importance.

  • Where do you see iuvo in 5 years?

Without a doubt, on a leading position in the exciting world of P2P investment platforms, had won over the trust of its investors with good return, excellent customer service, and even more interesting opportunities for investing. I am sure that a great future awaits iuvo.

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