8th March – the International Women’s Day

On this day we celebrate the movement for women’s rights and gender equality. We want to take the chance and recognize the vast influence of women on every sphere of the modern world – family life, economic growth, medical and technological advancement.

Stereotypes and reality

We’re happy to observe stereotypes being busted, or in other words – women participating in activities that were perceived as “men-only” not too long ago. Finance management and investing are only a couple of these “manly” spheres that have recently become popular among ladies. Being the owners and developers of successful P2P investment platform, the topic of women investors is very close and dear to us.

Usually, we don’t like to take sides, but let’s admit it – women are better with money than men. It’s a common misconception that men are better investors, so it would probably surprise you to learn that facts lead to the opposite conclusion. According to 2017 data from financial services giant Fidelity Investments, women are, in fact, superior investors to men. Going through 8 million investment accounts, Fidelity found that ladies get higher returns and save more money than men ( Reuters ). People are puzzled by these findings, but the truth is they make perfect sense. Women are naturally less inclined to take steep risks; they’re oriented towards long-term, secure investment opportunities.

Where is P2P in the whole picture?

Female investors usually opt for lower-risk portfolios; with slower (but steadier) return promises. Offering this kind of security, combined with adequate return rates, it’s no surprise that P2P lending is becoming their option of choice.

P2P lending is getting so popular among women, that the top 100 platforms in China (largest P2P lending market to date) observed a leap of over 10% in the proportion of female investors. This happened in just one year – from 2015 to 2016 – with female users becoming a total of 42.02%. Interestingly enough, even though women were still the smaller group, they invested more than men. Almost 48% of the total investments made through these platforms were female-generated. ( TechNode ).

Women and iuvo

As already mentioned, it seems like the opportunity to easily manage risk and still have a diverse portfolio is making P2P lending the perfect investment gateway for ladies. At iuvo, we’re observing the same trends, and we’re proudly welcoming female investors.

To celebrate today’s occasion, we spoke to three women who have reached success with our product, and are happy to share their experience with the world. Among other things, they told us how and why they chose P2P, mentioned what’s their comfortable level of risk, and shared some useful advice. Here’s what they had to say (for privacy purposes, we included only their first name and their last name initials):

Alexandra Y.: “I’m a ski instructor during the winter and an animator during the summer. I don’t have any previous experience with investing whatsoever. I’ve always been someone who’s not comfortable with taking risks – I prefer careful planning and knowing what to expect. I learned about iuvo and decided to try it out since I had some free funds at hand. I didn’t have a certain goal, nor did I know exactly how profitable it can get. Now that I have invested over 10 000 BGN, I’m expecting annual returns as high as the monthly salary of a qualified white collar specialist. I’d surely recommend P2P lending to female investors. Try it out – it doesn’t take much to start, and it has been a positive experience for me so far. If I can do it, you can do it!

Galya C.: “I work in an international transport company, dealing with import and export from Bulgaria to the EU and vice versa. Before trying iuvo, I had some experience with passive investment methods like bank deposits. I like having the balance between risk and profit, so I find P2P lending a good option. I like that I’m able to personally target the direction of my investment, thus having high returns without taking a high risk. I would definitely recommend iuvo to people who would like to save and invest at the same time – P2P lending makes that possible for you.

Anita D.: “I work in law. I have previous experience with investing, but I hadn’t heard about P2P lending platforms until a friend introduced me to the concept and suggested I tried it. Since I prefer taking measured risks, I thought it might be a good idea. I expect to get higher returns than with traditional investment methods. I think everyone should read and get informed about different investment opportunities – there are so many creative solutions nowadays!


To all women – we hope you’ll find yourself in these stories. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things! Finance management and investing are definitely not “man zones” anymore – right now they’re accessible to everyone, thanks to solutions like P2P lending.  Try it out!

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