iCredit – our third originator on the platform

We are delighted to announce that iCredit Romania will join our platform as a third originator. With the other two originators, iCredit will allow us to diversify further our loan portfolio adding more lucidity on the platform and giving more investment opportunities for our clients.

The total loan portfolio iCredit is estimated to be around 18M EUR. The company has loans between 400 – 6000 RON (85 -1300 EUR) from its main products – consumer loans, staff loans and pension loans. The maturity of the loans is between 3 and 15 months depending on the product. iCredit is obliged to retain 30% of the sum of every listed credit, mitigating the risk for investors. All loans are coming with 100% buy-back guarantee. Investors will be able to invest in credits in Euro and Romanian Leu. The average return on the iCredit portfolio is 12%, the maximum return investors can expect is 14,88%.

iCredit is operational since 2011 in Romania, and three years later it starts to operate in Poland as well. As to 2017, the number of offices in Romania and Poland exceeds 130 in more than 105 cities, and the employees of the company are around 1700. iCredit is a leading employer in the financial sector in Romania.

The success of the companies lies in its core principle to offer financial independence to all its customers.

Register now and take a look the listed portfolio of iCredit and start investing.

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