iCredit Romania – success and challenges

ICredit Romania – one of our longest-standing partners, which joined iuvo in 2017, shares their results to this moment and the most important news with you. We know that this information is going to help you make the right choices for your investments.

Their achievements from last year, and the following challenges in the beginning of 2020 are described in detail in an official statement of the company. You can read it HERE.

After the successful 2019 for the company when it had 3.27 million euro reported gross profit and took 4th place by market share and income in the sector in Romania, the business faced a crisis in the beginning of 2020. In order to lower the negative impact of COVID-19, since March 2020 there was a restructuring of the processes in the company. Thanks to that, there was a fast recovery by the main indicators of the business.

The results for the past months include:

–  Over 33 000 granted loans from January to July 2020

–  Implementation of an online paying system in order to minimize the effects of COVID-19

–  Sustainable cash flow

–  Stabilized trend in delayed installments of loans – the lowest rate of delayed payments for the past 12 months was observed in July 2020

Have a closer look at the plans of our originators. Invest with iuvo and iCredit Romania.

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