iCredit Poland with 1% bonus campaign for new investments

We continue to provide you with opportunities for additional profit. Today we start a campaign with our partners from iCredit Poland for 1% bonus for new investments in the period 30.05-12.06.2022.

Invest manually and/or automatically minimum 150 in loans of iCredit Poland on primary market in the promo period and get 1% bonus of the new investment, as the maximum size of the bonus can get up to €150.

To take advantage of the promo offer, invest your available funds in your account and/or add new funds to increase the size of your investment in iCredit Poland and get a higher bonus. If you meet the requirements, you will get your bonus within 7 business days after the end of the campaign. Please keep in mind that it is possible for the promo period to be changed.

iCredit Poland is part of MFG – the holding iuvo is also part of. This increases the safety levels for your investments with a group guarantee.
The originator lists personal loans in score class C, D, E and HR, with interest between 7% and 14% and 60-day buyback on the principal. The currencies are EUR, BGN, and PLN.
The credit company operates on a regulated market for 8 years and it is part of the Association of the Financial Companies of Poland (ZPF).

Invest now and make additional profit with iCredit Poland and iuvo.

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