iCredit Poland – results as of 31.12.2020

Get familiar with the results of iCredit Poland for the past year. In the official presentation by the company, you will find important information about:

– Main projects that have started in 2020

– Key business and financial indicators by months

– Employment growth and expansion in the internal market

See how iCredit Poland successfully overcame the challenges of 2020 HERE.

Maximum 14% interest rate in EUR and PLN awaits you with the loans of iCredit Poland. The company is part of MFG (Management Financial Group) – the holding that stays behind iuvo. The credit company is an originator on the platform since summer 2020.

We keep actively sharing what the performance of our partners is, which helps you have even more successful investments with iuvo. Please remember that you get the right information from our team first hand. Diversify now and contact us if you would like assistance with creating your strategy.

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