iCredit Poland: Over 15% interest in BGN and EUR

You get opportunities for more profit on iuvo not only from us, but from the loan originators we work with as well. Our partners from iCredit Poland offer you new promotional terms.

Invest in loans of iCredit Poland with maximum annual return of over 15% in BGN and EUR in the period 24.03-10.04.2022.

Better terms

iCredit Poland increase the interest rates with 1%, and in the promotional period, besides in EUR, they will list loans in BGN as well.
Increase your annual return and invest in loans of iCredit Poland with interest between 8% and over 15%, depending on the borrower’s score class.
Now you have the opportunity for higher profit and to diversify your portfolio with investments in BGN and EUR.

Part of MFG

iCredit Poland are a loyal partner of ours since 2020 and they are part of the holding, which iuvo is also part of – Management Financial Group. Besides buyback on the principal, you also get a group guarantee by the holding MFG, which increases the safety levels for your investments.

Hurry up and create your own strategy to take advantage of the promotional terms of iCredit Poland and invest in loans with higher interest in BGN and EUR.

Increase your profit with iCredit Poland and iuvo.

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