iCredit Poland extend the promotional period

Our partners iCredit Poland would like to thank all investors that took advantage of the promo terms of their loans. Just like us, the originator likes to give you more opportunities.

Due to your positive feedback, iCredit Poland extend the period of their promotional campaign until 30.04.2022.

In the period, the originator will list loans in BGN and EUR with 1% higher interest.

With the increased return, the loans of iCredit Poland in BGN and EUR will be with interest rates between 8% and over 15%!

We would like to remind you that, just like iuvo, iCredit Poland is part of the holding Management Financial Group (MFG), which provides group guarantee. This way the safety levels of your investments increases.

Invest in loans with 1% higher interest in BGN and EUR and increase your profit with iCredit Poland and iuvo.

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