Ibancar with even better terms for the investors on iuvo

Ibancar is part of iuvo since June 2019. And since 2014, the company successfully develops their business model, the success of which comes from the innovative product, efficient risk management and good understanding of the lending market. Our successful partnership brings results and in 2020 the company chose iuvo for their exclusive partner in the P2P sector.

Based on the excellent results of our Spanish partners in the past 2 years on iuvo, we decided to offer even better terms for investing by providing Ibancar loans with a lower skin in the game of 20%. What made us take this step?

– Stable trend in growth in revenue and 49% growth of the loan portfolio since the beginning of the year;

– Barely 0.22% loans with activated buyback on the platform and less than 1% credit losses;

– Successfully closed round one of series A of capital investments on the amount of 1.65m on group level;

– Loans with collateral and an average LTV of 42%.

By decreasing the skin in the game percent, Ibancar will be able to take advantage and provide you with 80% of the amount of each loan on our market, depending on their needs for additional financing. For you, as an investor, decreasing the skin in the game percent of Ibancar will increase your opportunities to invest in their loans.

Be among the first and invest in Ibancar today. The investment is worth it!

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