Ibancar – results for Q1 of 2021 and news from the company

Today we share with you the results for Q1 of 2021 of one of the leading originators on iuvo – Ibancar. The cooperation, stability, and professionalism in the partnership between the companies is in the base of the decision of Ibancar to choose iuvo as their exclusive partner in the P2P sector in October 2020.

In the presentation you can learn information about:

–  Business and investment strategy for 2021

–  Tools for risk management

–  Loan portfolio

–  Key indicators for efficiency

–  Financial results for Q1 of 2021

The full presentation can be found HERE.

Get familiar with the information Ibancar provides you with and create your portfolio now. Invest informed and remember that our team is here to assist you with creating your own strategy.

We will continue to update you regularly about the performance of our originators because we, at iuvo, strive to be helpful to our clients by providing them with information directly from our loan originators.

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