Ibancar – results from Q4 and strategy for 2021

The originators on iuvo stay behind your successful investments. This is the reason why we regularly share results and news about the processes and plans of the company.
The focus today is on our Spanish partners Ibancar. The management of the company shares up-to-date details with the investors in a statement, where you can learn more about:

–  Financial reports of the company for Q4 of 2020 – not audited but preliminary data;

–  Business and innovation strategy for 2021;

–  Main business and financial indicators;

–  Risk and loan portfolio management.

You can find the full presentation HERE.

Ibancar is part of iuvo since June 2019 and it is one of the leaders in the nonbank consumer lending market in Spain. In October, the company chose iuvo for their exclusive partner in the P2P sector.

Get familiar with the processes and plans of Ibancar and create your portfolio now.

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