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Promo: Ibancar with up to 13% interest!

Ibancar is one of the most popular loan originators on our market and now, they have a special offer for the investors on iuvo!

Only in June 2024, the Spanish company will list promo loans on our market, which will have:

  • 12.5% annual interest and period between 12 and 25 months;
  • 13% annual interest and period between 26 and 36 months.

Ibancar is a non-bank financial institution with a patented business model for consumer lending with an automobile as collateral. Couple of years ago, they completely digitalized this process, which additionally contributes to the company’s growth.

Check your Auto Invest settings to make sure that you will invest in the promo loans of Ibancar if they match your needs as an investor.

Invest now and increase your profit with iuvo and Ibancar!

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