Ibancar grew more than twice in 2022

Ibancar shares information about their results for 2022 and the development of the KPIs of their business.
According to Alexander Melis, CEO of Ibancar, 2022 was yet another excellent year for the company. Ibancar grew more than twice compared to the previous year. Another important part is that Ibancar operates with a positive cash flow, which allows them to keep the high growth pace.

In the provided presentation by Ibancar, you will learn more about:

  • 141% growth of the company in 2022 compared to the previous year;
  • 123% growth of the loan portfolio of the company in 2022;
  • Only 3% of the loans are non-performing;
  • Ibancar’s plans for future business development.

Get familiar with the full information HERE.

At the moment, Ibancar has a special offer for the investors on iuvo for loans with 12.5% interest. As always, the originator provides loans in score class A only, and with a 16-day buyback on the principal.

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