How to get up to 10.5% return from SN Finance?

The promo campaign of SN Finance continues with full force! Their loans on iuvo are in EUR, in score class A only, with 30-day buyback on the principal, and now with annual return of up to 10.5%.

Add the originator to the filters for your Auto Invest strategy.

Each separate portfolio on iuvo invests in the same loan only once. If you would like to have a larger part of your investments in SN Finance loans, you can increase the maximum amount in one loan or to create a second portfolio with the same filters.

The Auto Invest on iuvo prioritizes the loans with the highest interest rate among those that match your criteria.
The interest rates of SN Finance loans start from 9% and reach up to 10.5%. Please consider this in order to create a successful automatic strategy and to take advantage of all their loans.

SN Finance are a true innovator and change the landscape of the market of financial services in North Macedonia! Besides the consumer and business installment loans, they also offer the first ever credit card in the non-bank sector in the country. It is created in collaboration with VISA and a local bank.
The progressiveness of the company is absolutely expected, considering the experience of over a decade in the banking sector of the company’s CEO – Nikola Joshevski. He is the chairman of the Association of the Financial Companies of North Macedonia (AFD) and actively takes part in creating laws to regulate the lending business in the country.

Choose SN Finance and increase your profit with iuvo!

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