Higher interest with 1% by Access Finance and Easy Credit

At iuvo, we love giving more opportunities to our investors to generate better profit. Now we provide you with another one.

Invest in the loans of Access Finance and Easy Credit with 1% higher interest in the period 01.03-31.03.2022.

The two companies from our holding Management Financial Group (MFG) unite to provide you with the first ever campaign with higher interest. The interest of the limited loans, listed in the promotional period on primary market, will be increased with 1% than the usual.

Instead of 7.5% and 8%, the loans of Access Finance will be with 8.5% and 9% interest. The return from Easy Credit will also be 1% higher with all classes of borrowers.

Access Finance and Easy Credit are among the most preferred loan originators on iuvo due to their attractive interest rate and the group guarantee, provided by the holding.

Both credit companies offer buyback – 60 days and on the principal by Easy Credit, 30 days on principal and interest by Access Finance.

Take advantage of the opportunities for higher profit on iuvo until 31.03.2022 and invest in the loans of Access Finance and Easy Credit.

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