Fast Finance now with better conditions for the investors of iuvo

Fast Finance with new and better opportunities for the investors. Today we share them with you, alongside with information about the originator’s state in the past couple of months.

In order for you to be satisfied as an investor, we unite our efforts and we are able to successfully provide you with what you need for your investments. With the new offers from iuvo and Fast Finance, you will be able to maximize the potential of your funds and to enjoy an even higher return.

What can you get? 

–  30-day buyback guarantee until 31.10.2020 for all available loans on the platform at the moment, and for those that are yet to be listed

–  Skin in the game 40%

–  Higher return rate and loans in score classes A and B

HERE you can learn more about how our partners went through the challenges during the past couple of months and what they were able to achieve. You will find out how the originator manages the risk and what is their company development strategy.

Take advantage of the offer now and enjoy your successful investments. We will continue to make sure that we find and offer you the best opportunities for you.

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