How to exit from your investment

The natural way to exit of investment is by waiting for the full maturity of all the credits you invested in. Currently, iuvo features loans with a short payout period, which means that even if you decide to exit your investment, it can be done in a short time while you are generating profitability in the meantime. Once the credits in which you invested are repaid, you can withdraw your funds from the platform – check out the “Free Funds” field on your Dashboard.

Sometimes, whether due to personal circumstances or for any other reason, you may wish to withdraw your investment from the platform as a matter of urgency to use it for something else. Let’s say you’ve already funded your iuvo account, build your portfolio, generated some returns, and you want to withdraw funds urgently.

Iuvo provides the necessary liquidity with its secondary market. Each investor can list one, several or all of their loans for sale. So he will not have to wait for the full maturity of all the loans in his portfolio to withdraw his funds.

According to the individual investor, the speed with which he wants to sell, as well as the current market situation, on the secondary market a credit may be put up for sale at a price above or below its nominal value. So even when you exit an investment, you can generate additional returns – it all depends on the market: demand and supply.

The iuvo Secondary Market can be reached once you log in, click on the “Invest” button and navigate to the Secondary Market tab. If you want to sell on a secondary market, go to the “My Investments” tab, where all your credits are listed, select which you estimate (or all) and click the “Sell Selected” button. Your credits will go to a secondary market where other investors will be able to buy them and start generating returns from them.

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