Easy Credit and Viva Credit with 30-day buyback

Two of our leading loan originators Easy Credit and Viva Credit, part of the MFG family, now offer promotional terms by decreasing the days for buyback activation by half.

The buyback, provided by the credit company, gets activated in case there was not a full repayment of an installment within a certain period of days, and you, as an investor, will receive your remaining funds back.

This is why starting today 31.08.2021 until 14.11.2021 the period for buyback activation of the loans granted to borrowers in score classes A and B by the loan originators Easy Credit and Viva Credit is decreased from 60 to 30 days. The currencies in which you can invest in their loans are BGN and EUR.

Their loans in A and B class on the market of iuvo have interest rate between 5% and 7%. By investing in them with 30-day buyback, you will halve the period for receiving your funds from a potential delayed loan.

In the long-term, this will increase your return, as it will speed up the turnover of your funds and it will allow them to be reinvested in new loans faster. Besides that, the 30-day buyback allows you to get out of an investment faster, which increases your liquidity.

Including these loans in your portfolio will lead to an investment with profit you constantly receive and with less possibility for delays. In case a loan defaults, your funds will be back to your iuvo account twice as fast.

You can also find 30-day buyback loans with your Auto Invest with filter “Buyback days – 30”.

The work of our team is focused on providing you more opportunities and to offer the best investor experience. This is why we choose partners that have the same focus, which does not change, regardless of the circumstances. Choose the best loans for your investment strategy now!

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