COVID-19 | Safety and satisfaction from iuvo

Your opinion about iuvo and your shared feedback help us grow by making the right decisions. We asked our investors how they evaluate the performance of the platform in these challenging past couple of months. We separated the questions in 3 categories and today we share the results with you:

Satisfaction and quality of the service

We got some of the highest results in this part of the survey. 91% of the participants rated iuvo with 8, 9, and 10, on the scale from 1 to 10, on the question “How satisfied are you with the way iuvo dealt with the state of emergency?” 83% of them are satisfied with the service quality of our colleagues.


The information that we published about the state of the originators during quarantine was positively rated by 80% of those who voted.

For 60% of the participants, the published information affected their investment plans. 69% indicated that it helped them have more trust in us.

Why is iuvo the preferred P2P platform?

Safety is the main priority for 93% of the investors on iuvo, and it is the reason they chose the platform for their funds. For 79% of them, the focus is on the profit. You can get up to 20% return rate, depending on your approach and the selected criteria.

We gave investors the opportunity to describe in their own words which factors motivate their evaluation. This gave us a detailed look on their opinion, and helped us get to conclusions with which we can better our work.

Here are some of the answers we received:

“Regularly receiving information and news from iuvo gave me the needed security in order to continue using the platform.”

“Thanks to the information, I did not even think to withdraw funds, quite the opposite – I got even more convinced to keep using the platform.”

Thank you for your trust! We remain here to share useful information with you, and to answer all your questions. Contact us and invest today.

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